Calling all Interns! Looking for a Blogger and Instagram Guru

Exciting things happening at Passport Stamps! There is so much going on, we are looking for an intern! We just posted our internship opportunity for the NYU Students and we couldn’t be MORE excited to see who will be up for the job.

Are you the next Passport Stamps Intern?

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 2.42.30 PM.png       Job Description: Blogger and Instagram Guru

  • Unpaid Internship- work from home
  • 10 hours a week
  • May 30- August 30
  • NYC

We are in need of an individual very interested in blogging and assisting our travel company. This may include blog write ups as well as photo and blog editing. If you are looking to be a blogger, journalist, writer etc. in the future this can be your way to work on your writing skills and be able to publish them on the blog!

Instagram Guru, someone who understands Instagram very well and how to promote a business within it.  Must be great with editing skills, advertising and have a great eye to understand what works and doesn’t.


  • Excellent writing skills, major or minor in writing/journalism or want to become a blogger.
  • Outstanding Instagram Skills. Must know how to market themselves, the company and advertise to create awareness
  • Interest in travel
  • Passionate
  • Excellent communication skills on paper and verbally.

Think you fit the mold? Please send the following to

  1. Resume
  2. Sample of your writing
  3. Why “you” for the job?

Looking forward to meeting our next intern!!




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