7 Essentials You Must Have for a Flight

Whether you love or hate airplanes, they are an important part of vacation. Start off your trip right by enjoying your flight with these 6 essentials:

Cabeau Evolution Pillow

Image result for cabeau evolution pillow

The Cabeau is the game-changer of neck pillows. I used to forget my neck pillow at home for each trip and decide at the airport if I should quickly buy a $10 pillow to make my flight more comfortable. One day, I decided to splurge on this neck pillow and guess what….it has NEVER been forgotten when packing for a trip again. It’s thick memory foam will keep you amazingly supported and comfortable throughout your flight. This is absolutely worth the $40 price tag!

Nike Juvenate Sneakers
nike juvenate

These Nike sneakers are my favorite for traveling because of how stylish and lightweight they are. These slip-ons are super quick to take on/off for the security line, and you’ll feel like you’re wearing comfortable slippers the whole time you’re traveling!

Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones

 Image result for bose noise cancelling headphones

These headphones may seem like they have a hefty price tag @ $229, however they last forever and have so many benefits when flying. The noise-cancelling technology will help to mute out that crying 2-year-old a few rows in front of you, meaning you won’t have to turn up the volume of the movie you’re watching to its maximum just to hear what’s going on. Apart from the high-quality sound, these are very comfortable to wear with the padded earpieces, and there’s no wire to accidentally yank when you move around. I travelled for years with my iPhone headphones and found my ears to actually be in pain if I fell asleep or twisted the wrong way. If you’re a big traveler, put these on your birthday/christmas/anniversary/treat-yourself list!

amazon prime

Amazon Prime continues to be the best $100 I spend per year. I mainly use this to buy basically everything I need and have it delivered within 2 days for free (I hate running errands). However, I’ve recently found it extremely helpful for flying purposes as well. Prime has hundreds of TV shows and movies that you can download to your phone or iPad/tablet for free. On those long flights when you’re not a huge fan of the movie selection the airline has, this is a lifesaver! Just don’t forget your Bose headphones so you can hear everything 🙂


Image result for us weekly

It’s not a crime to love tabloids/gossip, and there’s really no way to pass an hour more quickly. I refuse to get on a plane without at least two of the latest issues of celebrity juice (I will always hold out hope that Brad and Jen really are getting back together). My favorites to read are US weekly, and Life&Style.


Image result for dramamine

When all else fails on a flight – SLEEP! I get motion sickness easily so I began taking Dramamine to keep the queasy feeling away. The packaging mentions a side effect of drowsiness and boy it is not kidding. In fact, this side-effect is so strong that I can’t take dramamine unless I want to sleep for a few hours, so it is perfect for red-eyes or long flights with a jam-packed itinerary waiting. I always expect to be peacefully dreaming (on my CABEAU pillow of course) within 30-45 minutes of taking Dramamine. As long as you have a few hours (AKA I don’t recommend for flights under 4 hours long), you won’t feel any groggy side effects when you wake up and deplane! (Note: I recently became pregnant (Jennie) and cannot take Dramamine. Great alternative to help fall asleep is Benedryl!)


If you don’t have status on an airline, don’t sweat it. Many credit cards offer lounge experience with their perks! Amex being the best, where they offer you the top lounges to pick from!

I have a Chase Reserve card, which lets me into certain lounges at the airport. It is a LIFESAVER. Some of the lounges have showers! All of them have great food and drinks, unlimited!  Chase Reserve also gives you points for travel which INCLUDES things like taxi’s and ubers!!! Thinking of getting a new credit card, check the rewards tab! (I feel like I should get paid by Amex/Chase for this?)





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